7 Simple Eco-Tips To Do Your Bit!

​7 Simple Eco-Tips To Do Your Bit!

Eco Tip 1

Consider your transport – can you walk rather than drive? Or even take public transport? Not only will you be cutting down on your carbon emissions but you can also work off that bacon sandwich you had for breakfast.

Eco Tip 2

​Turn off what you don’t need. Simple really, if you aren’t in a room then no lights need to be on, turn your TV off rather than on standby… saving the planet whilst saving pennies! Double win!

Eco Tip ​3

Save water. Don’t leave taps running, collect rain water to use in the garden, don’t get through belting out the whole of Beyonce’s new album in the shower. In. Wash. Out. Practice your set somewhere dryer.





Everyone wants to help but not all of us are going to travel the world saving species in far flung places – and that’s ok! There is plenty we can all do from our very own homes, in our day to day lives.. here are a few eco-tips to get you started 🙂

This post was originally written in 2018 for Small World, Big Cause, but has been refreshed for The Curious Environmentalist. Enjoy!

7 Simple Eco-Tips To Do Your Bit!

There are simple changes that you can make to your daily life instantly. No excuses!


​Eco Tip 4

Think about the produce you buy… don’t just go to ASDA on autopilot, have a look around and see if you can buy a greener option. This could include it being recycled, sustainably sourced, energy efficient or biodegradable.

​Eco Tip 5

Reduce your waste. Carry around a bag for your shopping – you can get them everywhere so there is no excuse! Avoid buying items with a lot of unnecessary packaging and always, ALWAYS recycle where you can.

​Eco Tip 6

If you have a garden then be aware of the wildlife that calls it home. You can get plants that encourage wildlife so your garden is full with life, and also try avoiding the use of pesticides/herbicides as these can harm more than those who they were intended for!

​Eco Tip 7

Join a local environmental group! There are plenty around, so have a google and get out there to meet like minded people and do what you can to help in your local community.. even something small is better than nothing at all!

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