The Curious Environmentalist meets Hastings Aquarium.

I am absolutely delighted that the third episode of The Curious Environmentalist Podcast is being released at 10am TODAY which is the second half of my interview with the people at Hastings Aquarium!

I get to speak with Lauren Winstanley & Freddie Mills from Hastings Aquarium again about the work they are doing there and the challenges they face in terms of conservation and environmental education.

Every question takes me one step closer to understanding if zoos and aquaria really do have conservation value.

The Curious Environmentalist Podcast – S1, Ep3: The Curious Environmentalist Meets Hastings Aquarium (Pt.2) (2023)

A huge thank you to the Hastings Aquarium Team for not only taking the time to speak with me but for also being amazing colleagues and friends throughout the pandemic – I promise to come and visit soon!

Have a listen and let me know what you think! 🙂

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