What we are reading this week.

How extreme heat affects our pets—and how to help them.

National Geographic, Natasha Daly. 

Cats, dogs, and rabbits don’t deal with heat like humans do. As heat waves become increasingly common, veterinarians call for extra vigilance.

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The Scottish mice helping to rewild Ealing.

BBC News. 

Tiny harvest mice are being exported from East Kilbride to Ealing to help with a rewilding project.

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Bomb-sniffing dogs awarded animal OBEs after years working in RAF.

Metro News, Harrison Jones.

English spaniel Alfie and Labrador AJ are being recognised for their ‘exemplary careers’, which involved helping to locate arms, ammunition and explosives.

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Five takeaways from the IPCC’s 2021 climate science report.

Climate Home News, Isabelle Gerretsen.

The UN’s climate science body has published a major report on the physical changes happening and projected to occur as a result of human activity, from devastating floods to destructive wildfires. 

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Tusk reveals woolly mammoth’s massive lifetime mileage.

BBC News, Paul Rincon.

Scientists have analysed the chemistry locked inside the tusk of a woolly mammoth to work out how far it travelled in a lifetime.

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