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From this tiny island, they’ve watched the sea for 60 years. Here’s what they’ve learned.

National Geographic, Florian Sturm. 

Researchers on Helgoland in Germany have observed temperature and sea life at the same spot offshore every workday since 1962. The data are a unique document of climate change.

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Two wildcat kittens born in Highlands as part of project to save species from extinction.

The Press And Journal, George Mair. 

A pair of wildcat kittens has been born in the Highlands as part of a conservation breeding programme to help save the iconic species from extinction.

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Judge recommends tribe be allowed to hunt gray whales off Washington state.

The Guardian, Associated Press in Seattle.

Makah chairman welcomes ruling opposed by animal welfare groups and says: “We’re doing it for spiritual and cultural reasons.”

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Ocean Photographer of the Year 2021 winners – in pictures.

The Guardian.

From Western Australia to Norway, photographers around the world capture animals and plants in their natural environment – and under threat from human activity. 

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Nasa selects landing site for Moon rover mission.

BBC News, Paul Rincon.

Nasa is sending a robotic rover to look for water-ice near a crater at the Moon’s South Pole. 

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