What we are reading this week.

Is it time to begin rewilding the seas?

The Guardian, Helen Scales. 

From giant clams to zebra shark, marine biologists want to replace lost and vanishing species at sea but face unique obstacles – not least rampant overfishing.

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Beavers set to be released in London in urban rewilding drive.

The Independent, Lamiat Sabin. 

Beavers had been hunted into extinction in the UK for their fur, meat, and scent-glands.

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Tasmanian devils return to mainland Australia for first time in 3,000 years.

National Geographic, Jason Bittel.

Scientists hope the scrappy predators’ reintroduction can balance ecosystems ravaged by invasive species.

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Climate change: The craft brewery using algae to cut emissions.

BBC News.

Fermenting beer produces carbon dioxide (CO2), which is usually released into the atmosphere. So a craft brewery in Sydney, Young Henrys, has partnered with climate change scientists and developed a way to use microalgae to capture that CO2, and turn it into oxygen.

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